Meet the Marcins

Tony, Kate, Sam and JoeMarsin1

The Marcin family has been members of Westside pool for 9 years. Dad, Tony, grew up at Westside. He was both on the swim team and dive team for several years, eventually moving to just diving. (He claims that the swim team practices too early.) Tony was the dive coach from 1987-1992. He can still thrill the crowd at Westside parties with his crazy dives, although it does takes him much longer to recover these days. Kate grew up in Chippewa Falls. Kate’s family didn’t spend their summers at the pool, but went to the lake to swim instead.   “The water is much better at Westside…no leaches!” One of Kate’s favorite things is making the costumes for the coaches for All City.  She is also the newest member of the West Side Board of Directors.  Sam (10) and Joe(8) are both members of the swim and dive team. Sam’s favorite stoke is the breaststroke. He took second place at ALL City in 2011! Joe loves to swim it all. He loves the challenge of the IM.





When not enjoying their time at the pool, you can find the Marcin’s at the hockey rink, baseball field, soccer field or just about any other sporting event. Sam and Joe are very active in sports and keep their parents running. They wouldn’t have it any other way.