Meet the Ketarkus Family

Meet the Ketarkus Family
Becky and Joe + 8ketarkus
Hi everyone!  We’re the Ketarkus Family and we’ve been swimming with the Dolphins for a VERY long time now!  Becky, also known as ‘MOM!’, has been a member at Westside since 1985 when her parents brought her to the pool for the first time.
She married Joe, and in 2004, Becky’s parents generously transferred their membership to our growing family so that the Ketarkus Kids could enjoy the pool too.  Little did Westside know there would end up being so many Ketarki!  T
here are currently eight children in our family:  Ally (11), Cam (10), Brady (9), AJ (9), Jax (7), Juliana (6), Sofia (5) and Tess (2).  Last week, we very happily announced that Westside will get to enjoy yet another Ketarkus next year as we spend the “off” season working on bring home another swimmer.  Bowen, age 3, will be joining our family from China sometime soon!